Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Terje Rypdal - 1973 - What Comes After

Terje Rypdal 
What Comes After

01. Bend It 9:52
02. Yearning 3:21
03. Icing 7:48
04. What Comes After 10:59
05. Sejours 3:51
06. Back Of J. 4:17

Bass [Electric] - Sveinung Hovensjø
Bass [Piccolo] - Barre Phillips
Double Bass - Barre Phillips
Guitars, Flute - Terje Rypdal
Oboe, English Horn - Erik Niord Larsen
Organ - Jon Christensen
Percussion - Jon Christensen

Terje Rypdal albums seem to be getting harder to get with each passing year. And even though i've only been listening to this for about a week and a half i'd say it's already a top three Rypdal record for me.

"Bend It" opens with percussion as the bass joins in and we get this repetitive bass line throughout which sounds really good. Guitar joins in and it sounds amazing after 2 minutes. Bowed bass after 2 1/2 minutes. The guitar is more prominant 5 minutes in. This is so good. "Yearning" opens with acoustic guitar expressions as English horn comes in after a minute along with bass. This has a melancholic mood throughout. "Icing" opens with different sounds like guitar, aboe. bass, chimes and so on. Sounds like flute too as the drums arrive. The guitar comes to the fore 2 1/2 minutes in. This is a relaxed tune.

"What Comes After" has a beat as the guitar and atmosphere joins in. Love the guitar and bass here. Bowed bass 4 1/2 minutes in as everything becomes more passionate. It settles back 6 minutes in but not for long. Rypdal rips it up after 9 minutes. Lots of atmosphere 10 minutes in as it settles back. "Sejours" is a relaxed track with bowed bass, atmosphere and flute. "Back Of J' has these sparse guitar and bass sounds. Drums do become active late.

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