Monday, May 4, 2015

Midnight Sun - 1972 - Walking Circle

Midnight Sun 
Walking Circle

01. Can You Hear The Music Play?
02. Country Song
03. A La Turca
04. The Way Of Zen
05. I've Got A New Mind
06. Winds Gonna Blow
07. Walking Circles
08. I'm Living A Dream

- Frank Lauridsen / vocals, harmonica
- Peer Frost / guitars
- Carsten Smedegaard / drums
- Bent Hasselmann / winds
- Bo Stief / bass
- Niels Bronstad / piano

Third alnum for the original Rainbow Band, but only second for Midnight Sun, this album is also graced with a Roger dean artwork. This album sees yet another singer (after Bisgaard and Mortensen for the two version of their previous album), the very average Lauridsen and Believe me this will affect the group in, general

Right from the opening two tracks, one cannot help but wondering where the promises heard previously lie now, because we hear some kind of AOR avant-la-lettre, even if the opener sounds bluesy and the follower sounds countryish, we are hovering in a parody of Lynyrd Brothers Band (although nothing offensive to the proghead) instead of psychey-prog group of yesteryear. Then all a sudden, with the A La Turca (an obvious nod to Blue Rondo) we are lead into an almost brass-rock (ala early Chicago), the A-side's highlight. The next tracks are more AOR without much direction. One has to wait for the slow starting Winds Gonna Blow, a pleasant light jazz-rock track, the antepenultimate title track another very brassy affair.



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