Sunday, May 31, 2015

Geinoh Yamashirogumi - 1976 - Chi no Hibiki Higashi Yuroppo Wo Utau

Geinoh Yamashirogumi 
Chi no Hibiki Higashi Yuroppo Wo Utau

01. You wa Shizumu (3:29)
02. Karai Mo-me (4:20)
03. Suriko (1:47)
04. Zamraknala Moma Yana (4:18)
05. Kotoshi Okotta Koto (2:02)
06. Hate mo Naki Kouya Hara (4:01)
07. Watashi No Ama Hatake (2:44)
08. Sosori Tatsu Iwa (3:09)
09. Omae wa Nan no Hana (3:19)
10. Odori Jouzu na Petorunko (1:17)
11. Hassanbeda no Uta (2:20)
12. Todora wa dYume Miru (2:45)

With their album "Chi no Hibiki Higashi Yuroppo Wo Utau", roughly translated to "Reverberation of Earth" for the CD release from 1994, this magical collective, Geinoh Yamashirogumi, presents listeners with an incredibly beautiful, all vocal album of Eastern European singing styles. At times, we're presented with large choirs singing, sometimes with solo/featured voices, but never at any point is there anything which could be labeled as progressive rock, rock, or indeed even progressive here (for that, look to their stunning "Osorezan" album).
That's not to say the music presented here isn't masterfully crafted, beautiful, and a great listening experience every time I decide to put this album on. It's incredibly peaceful and full of emotion, and definitely recommended to fans of choral music.



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