Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Area - 2005 - Live In Torino 1977

Live In Torino 1977

101. Il massacro di Brandeburgo numero tre in sol Maggiore (12:01)
102. Gerontocrazia (6:48)
103. Scum (7:27)
104. Giro, giro, tondo (6:49)
105. Cometa rossa (9:10)

201. La mela di Odessa (16:13)
202. Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (nero) (6:21)
203. L'Internazionale (5:41)
204. Improvvisazione (16:40)

- Demetrios Stratos / Hammond organ, vocals
- Paolo Tofani / guitar
- Patrizio Fariselli / synthesizers
- Ares Tavolazzi / bass
- Giulio Capiozzo / drums & percussion

A double CD live in Torino 1977 but release in 2005. The performance is wild! but the sound of it is of bootleg quality :( So if your a fan of Area, it's definit CD to have because, like i said previously, the performance of the band is way too good!!! So 3 and a half star. Since there is no possibility of giving half star, and beacuse the band play so good on this one, i've decide to put 4 star. So in the end, if your a fan of Area, don't be offenced by the sound of it, just enjoy the music and the good performance Area give on this release.



  2. woooow, fantastic, i was unaware of this bootleg!!!!!


  3. it is not a bootleg, its an official release