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Area - 1978 - 1978 Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno, Gli Arrabbiati Restano!

1978 Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno, Gli Arrabbiati Restano!

01. Il Bandito Del Deserto(3:13)
02. Interno Con Figure E Luci (4:07)
03. Return From Workuta (3:02)
04. Guardati Dal Mese Vicino All'Aprile! (5:12)
05. Hommage À Violette Nozières (3:18)
06. Ici On Dance! (3:27)
07. Acrostico In Memoria Di Laio (6:12)
08. "FFF" (Festa, Farina e Forca) (3:49)
09. Vodka Cola (7:27)

- Giulio Capiozzo / drums, vibraphone, percussion
- Patrizio Fariselli / piano, organ, electric piano, synthesizer ARP Odyssey, Pro-Sploist
- Ares Tavolazzi / electric & acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, mandola, trombone, pocket trumpet,
- Demetrio Stratos / vocal, organ, electric & acoustic piano, ocarina

After it had debuted, the message by Area might have had the will of adamant always consistently. A young person at that time and the fan supported the music character of Area and the message. It is said that most fans were able to sing the song of Area though it is the irregular melody and diversity of the rhythm.

A political shade of meaning and the message of the anti-establishment kept enchanting the fan and the listener to some degree partially of the taste of Area. However, a music character of Area and an overwhelming technology might also wait for the aspect and it be also true in the music character to have kept always maintaining the excellent condition.

This album is the last work as the band to which Demetrio Stratos was on the register as the result. And, some respects will be enumerated when talking by thinking about this album.

Existence of CRAMPS label that supports the activity after Area debuts. CRAMPS that was offering a lot of wonderful bands besides Area almost lost the function of course in 1978. It is an album announced in this album after it transfers the register to ASCOLTO. If the situation of an activity of Area at that time was considered, this album might have had the role that was able to be caught for them as one turning point.

And, guitar player's Gianpaolo Tofani might have been hoped for because it had the form of the performance with strong more acoustic part because the band had already seceded. As for it, the part where the music character in addition to the theme that they had consistently had had been gradually refined might have been included.

Of course, the existence of Area might have been absolute as one of the bands that pulled the 80 year for the listener and the fan. However, June 18, 1979 became an impact day for not only the fan of Area but also the market of music. It is said that the ambition of Demetrio Stratos until dying always moved in an advanced part. After announcing this album, Area actually dares the tour. It is said that Demetrio Stratos will schedule it to secede the band after the tour and to concentrate on the activity of Solo. However, the plan will be lost as a result by the death of Demetrio Stratos. And, Area also rapidly shrank the activity.

An avant-garde who can listen in an initial work in addition to their political messages and an avant-garde part develop further and reach this album at last. The fact that this album carried everything before one the market of the music of Italy remains as an evaluation, too. This album had also to consider the fact that acquired the prize of the critic of second following "Crac" announced in 1975 because it unified it and to have received one the top for Area. All the height of the overwhelming power of expression and technology is surely expressed by this album.

"Il Bandito Del Deserto" is a tune that involves the overwhelming might. There might be the album's arranging the element of the music of Bulgaria and the sphere of Arab first for the composition of their albums comparing it a lot. This tune will take pride in overwhelming composition power in the flow. The band dashes attended with a complete melody by 11/8 rhythms in union. Sound of decoration with wind instrument. And, the line of Bass that completely pulls the tune. The song in close relation to the composition of the refined tune is powerful. And, the processing of the melody by the part of Coda might be splendid.

The atmosphere of the music of Arabia where it gets on 11/8 rhythms twines round "Interno Con Figure E Luci" well. The scat of Demetrio Stratos in close relation to the melody of the marimba that Giulio Capiozzo performs produces racial atmosphere. The tune progresses as the element of Jazz Rock and the part of Solo of the keyboard twining at the same time as with diversity as a form of the performance. A good flow of Bass and a complex composition are splendidly expressed.

As for "Return From Workuta", a fantastic expression of the voice by Demetrio Stratos and the obbligati of the keyboard are impressive. It is said that Demetrio Stratos acquired "Throat-Singing" as one of the methods of expressing the song. The expression of a fantastic line by Bass and the continued voice might be splendid.

The theme round which a complex rhythm twines from SE of the siren of Intro with the melody appears in "Guardati Dal Mese Vicino All'Aprile". The performance of the band that emphasizes an acoustic part continues a good flow. Part of guitar and scat. The sense of relief and the dash feeling are kept. The flow that rushes into the part of Free Jazz from the part of the repeated theme might be calculated well as a composition, too. The route of the avant-garde whom they consistently had is exactly refined and expressed.

As for "Hommage A Violette Nozieres", pastoral original atmosphere of the music of Italy is expressed well. However, the content of an irregular composition of the rhythm and a little extreme lyrics might be one of the expressions of them. The performance of a bright melody and the band that twines with 7/4 rhythms in which it listens in the part of Intro after repeating 8/4 rhythms expands the width of the composition of this album. The idea of the tune composed 7/4 rhythms and 8/in quadruple time is also splendid each other.

"Ici On Dance" has the start of the multiple structure of the voice with the atmosphere of Bulgaria Voice. It is ..original composition that is.. finished though it has the becoming it rhythm in basically subjects four rhythms by twining of 10/8. Part where original melody that is twines from line of Bass. Flow of good Groove performed as much as possible. A dash feeling and a mysterious melody are the music for them.

"Acrostico In Memoria Di Laio" is a flow of ensemble of the band that produces a part of the complex melody repeated from the part of Intro of 16/15 rhythms with an overwhelming keyboard and complete Groove. Part of dash feeling in close relation to bright melody of acoustic piano. And, the part of complete Solo of the keyboard in close relation to the obbligati of the wind instrument might create one space. The progress of Chord will excite the listener. A peculiar talking about Demetrio Stratos that twines while continuing Groove completely demonstrates power of expression.

As for "FFF", a flow, a piano, and Bass expression of feelings with a good organ combine from Solo of the drum that moves freely. The melody will call impression as much as possible. Playing piano Trio it in close relation to the rhythm that combines 4/4 rhythms with 3/4 rhythms has the element of complete Jazz Rock. The technology and the idea of the performance are overwhelming though the song doesn't appear.

"Vodka Cola" is a tension of 11 rhythms from the theme that repeats the rhythm of 7 and 10 by the song. And, it is partial of the performance that produces the anacatesthesia. The performance of the band accelerates gradually. The flow that the part of original composition and POP is taken to the melody with the tension might be splendid.

Construction of consistent theme that part technical performance and men had of doing. This album where everything is almost expressed in their works might be the top that Area surely reached at last.

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