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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - 2001 - New Geocentric World Of Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
New Geocentric World Of Acid Mothers Temple

01. Psycho Buddha (21:27)
02. Space Age Ballad (3:59)
03. You're Still Now Near Me Everytime (10:41)
04. Universe of Romance (5:21)
05. Occie Lady (8:31)
06. Mellow Hollow Love (4:38)
07. What Do I Want To Know (15:06)

- Cotton Casino / vocal, synthesizer, beer & cigarettes
- Tsuyama Atsushi / monster bass, acoustic guitar, vocal, cosmic joker
- Koizumi Hajime / drums, percussion, soprano saxophone, sleeping monk
- Higashi Hiroshi / synthesizer, acoustic guitar, soprano recorder, chorus, dancin' king
- Ichiraku Yoshimitsu / drums, kendo
- Mano Kazuhiko / tenner saxophone
- Ishida Yoko / peacock harp, chorus, cheese cake
- Haco / vocals
- Father Moo / guru and zero
- Magic Aum Gigi / jew harp, erotic underground
- Ginestet Audrey / bass, piano, voice, cosmos
- Kawabata Makoto / electric guitars, violin, bowed peacock harp, organ, bouzouki, zurna, alto saxophone, cornemuse, synthesizer, vocal, speed guru

This is a record designed to the soundtrack for the meeting of acid gorging freaks at some cosmic pagan ritual to celebrate the power of chaotic madness. This happens to be exactly what I'm looking for.

Be a wary traveller though, because is not an easy smooth trip. This is the kinda of music that they use to fight of terrorist and shock Bible Studies. I can see old ladies going to a therapist after hearing this. Yet at the same time moment of pure meditative beauty are found on the album.

The first song (if the word applies) on New Geocentric World, Psycho Buddha, begins so quietly and peacefully that you'll be shocked senseless when it explodes in 18 minutes of pure noise assault. Everything from pure feedback to bagpipes to electronic mayhem combine to create the psychedelic assault. Yet once the shock has worn off the noise that once made you go insane becomes some sort of cosmic mantra, easing you a final guitar solo that shows Kawabata Makoto is a modern psychedelic guitar hero.

So Acid Mothers Temple approach to psychedelia definetely differs from how, say, Phish's. They're not concerned with being smooth and mellow, they want to BLOW YR BRAINS OUT. But who's to say mind expansion is an easy business?

Unfortunately not everything on New Geocentric World is as exciting as the opener. The next track, Space Age ballad, is pretty dull and boring, to be blunt about it. It seems like they're trying to help you recuperate from the assault you endured, but if you're like me you'll clearly want more of what came before.

But when You're Still Now Near Me Everytime comes in you'll be glad you kept on listening. A loose jam with some powerful guitar work, this is what The Grateful Dead should have sounded like. The next point of interest is the stellar Occie Lady (clearly a reference to Jimi Hendrix's classic Foxy Lady), which will rock your balls off with sludgy riffs coming at you from every direction and fret ravaging guitar heroics.

After another filler track track that is saved by some tripped out synth exploration, you are treated to one of the greatest drones I have ever heard. What Do I Want To Know is almost religious in it's beauty. Just sit back and stare at the ceiling and let the noise float through your mind. This track is pure meditative bliss and closes the album perfectly. Not a single not is misplayed and all the layers of sounds meld together to create an incredible piece of music.

While this album is far from perfect with it's dull filler that takes up enough space for what couldve been an amazing space jam, the good stuff easily overshadows it's weaknesses. New Geocentric World is definetely worth a listen for all space rock and noise rock fans. IT WILL BLOW YR MIND TO PIECES....

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