Friday, May 29, 2015

Acid Mothers Guru Guru - 2009 - Underdogg Express

Acid Mothers Guru Guru 
Underdogg Express

01 Flexitwister 3:13
02 Underdogg Express 28:52
03 In the Cave of the Mountain Gods 13:03
04 In To ... 9:42
05 Spirit of Nara 8:07

- Mani Neumeier / Drums, vocals
- Kawabata Makoto / Guitar, vocals
- Atsushi Tsuyama / Bass, flute, vocals

I like Acid Mothers Temple and I like Guru Guru (well, Kanguru and UFO at least) so I guess that means I should like Acid Mothers Guru Guru and Underdogg Express (CD/LP) certainly has its moments. The first is the cover which features baps in the Acid Mothers tradition, combined with dogs in neckties, neon signs and a hot dog stand. It seems rich with meaning but I'm fucked if I can discern anything from it other than 'this must be the best record ever made'. As far as the music goes this is your usual live jam recording jobbie and to be honest the fidelity isn't incredible, but Makoto's heroic overuse of his wah-wah pedal and the fact Tsuyama manages to more than match half of Guru Guru's legendary rhythm section certainly is. While there's a fair amount of semi-aimless noodling it does come together from time to time in surprisingly funky fashion. Not bad at all!

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