Monday, May 25, 2015

Acid Mothers Afrirampo - 2005 - We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo

Acid Mothers Afrirampo
We Are Acid Mothers Afrirampo

01. We're Acid Mothers Afrirampo! (27:41)
02. The Exorcist of Love (12:00)
03. The Man From The Magic Mountain (16:40)

Oni / voice, electric guitar, degital guitar, soprano recorder, drums
Pika / voice, drums, percussion, toys, balloon
Tsuyama Atsushi / voice, bass, drums, degital guitar, acoustic guitar, soprano recorder, kantele
Higashi Hiroshi / electronics
Kawabata Makoto / electric guitar, violin, hurdygurdy, glockenspiel, percussion, electronics, voice

Artists Acid Mothers Temple and Afrirampo join forces in a tag team tandem straight outta Japan. This seems mostly like it's all improvisation, so it's more of two forces gelling together to create the end product. Like the other reviewer pointed out, it seems more like these guys are on separate pages, playing their own style and then mashing it with the other to create the result. Still, this brand of experimental psychedelic music is worth listening to not only for the collaboration itself but also if you are simply a gigantic fan of AMT. I swear I hear a slight vocal rendition of Silent Night about 16 minutes into We're Acid Mothers Afrirampo! Plenty of craziness and lost minds abound sums this one up well.

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