Friday, April 10, 2015

ZAO - 1977 - Typhareth


01. Merci Jacky
02. Typhareth (Beauté)
03. Troupeau De Bisons Sous Un Crane
04. Binah (Comprehension Feminine)
05. Les Temps Changent

- François'Faton'Cahen / piano, electric piano, synthesizers
- Hamid Belhocine / trombone
- François Debricon / saxophone, flutes
- Manu Katché / drums
- Michel Seguin / drums 'toubabou', percussion
- Gérard Prévost / electric bass

This is the only ZAO record not to have the dynamic duo of Cahen and Seffer on it, as Seffer left to go solo after the very successful "Kawana" album. Lockwood and Truong would also leave meaning that only Cahen and Prevost are left from the "Kawana" lineup. Cahen would be responsible for all the music and arrangements on this album. All traces of Zeuhl are gone, in fact this is a fairly light Jazz record. It's so much more though as I found out. There are so many intricate sounds to enjoy and lots of variety as well.This was just a pleasure to listen to.

"Merci Jacky" opens with percussion and keys as bass comes in. The bass becomes quite prominant with Prevost offering up some flanged-bass playing as Tom Ozric already mentioned in his review. The keys start to stand out after 2 minutes. Sax before 3 minutes and guitar a minute after that. I love the sound 3 minutes in and later at 5 1/2 minutes in.The sax is blasting away before 5 minutes. So many intricate sounds and the band interplay is pretty amazing. "Typhareth(Beaute)" opens with some atmosphere until we start to get a reserved melody of drums, keys and bass. Flute arrives before 2 minutes as we get such a beautiful melody. The sound is building slowly. Sax and trombone after 4 minutes. Just a gorgeous song that is as smooth as glass.

"Troupeau De Bisons Sous Un Crane" opens with percussion and clapping as drums, bass and horns come in. This is a fun, uplifting song to brighten your day. So many intricate sounds flood the soundscape. "Binah(Comprehension Feminine)" is a heavenly song featuring piano and flute. Sax after 3 minutes. "Les Temps Changent" opens with the sounds of a party going on as percussion and keys play. Sax comes in as the party sounds leave. Check out the piano as bass and drums play on. Amazing sound ! These guys are cooking. I just realized i'm head banging to a Jazz tune. Whoa ! Some screaming sax 6 1/2 minutes in.

I love this band and feel that this is a must for Jazz fans out there.



  2. Great stuff. The title track is amazing, almost sends me into a trance