Monday, April 13, 2015

Yochk'o Seffer - 1998 - Yog 2 - Sefira

Yochk'o Seffer
1998 - Yog 2 

01. Korona (5'01)
02. Elet-Fa (5'26)
03. Toudath (5'30)
04. Erheu (7'00)
05. Hirech (6'05)
06. Szepseg (13'09)
07. Kechech (6'49)
08. Lady-Rap (5'05)
09. Dieuztech (5'41)
10. Ichmereth (7'05)

I first heard Yochk'o Seffer's music back in the early 1980's. His groundbreaking work on his NEFFESH MUSIC 1 & 2 albums, as well as on GHILGOUL, have long been favorites of mine in the area of experimental music. Firmly rooted in jazz, with his mind reaching for the stars, Yochk'o continues his imaginative, high-quality playing on this release, ably abetted by keyboardist/producer Thierry Maillard. Maillard's drum programming is so effective that most of the time the listener would swear there's a live drummer on this cd. The moods range from spacey to what could only be called funky (track 8, `Lady-rap') -- all are imbued with Seffer's inimitable energy and style. He can be gentle, but he can blast away with raw power into free-form improv while still remaining melodic -- the album is thankfully free of the discordance that too often passes for experimentalism. There is a palpable, moving energy at work here, but one which should be accessible to most listeners. I would rank this with his best work.

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