Friday, April 3, 2015

Vandertop - 2002 - Best On Tour 76

Best On Tour 76

01. Mëkanïk Zaïn 4:32
02. De Futura 24:16
03. Troller Tanz 4:20
04. La musique des sphères 21:37

Jannick Top: bass
Christian Vander: drums, vocals
Klaus Blasquiz: vocals
Didier Lockwood: violin
Gabriel Federow: guitar
Michel Graillier: keyboards

I hate compilation live albums.  Why do I hate compilation live albums?  Because then people with tapes of the full gigs have to chop the tapes to bits before posting them to Dime.  It's an irrational bias on my part, I know, but I am now old enough that I can be totally irrational when I like, at least when it comes to music.  Anyway highlights: Everything but Troller Tanz, but particularly "La Musique Des Spheres" and "Mekanik Zain", which despite the title has nothing to do whatsoever with the Live/Hhai excerpt of MDK but instead is a souffle of "Theusz Hamtaahk", which despite my fanaticism about Magma bootlegs I had never heard before this (it does appear on a couple other boots from this tour I've since snagged).