Friday, April 3, 2015

Offering - 1993 - A Fïïeh

A Fïïeh

01. Hymne Kobaïen (4:30)
02. Cosmos (5:20)
03. A Fïïèh (10:26)
04. La Marche Céleste (5:30)
05. Magnifi (3:43)
06. Purificatem (Accord Des Instruments) (4:17)
07. Purificatem (26:22)

- Christian Vander / keyboards, piano, glockenspiel, vocals, percussion
- Stella Vander / vocals
- Isabelle Feullebois / vocals
- Emmanuel Borghi / piano (2,3)
- Pierre Michel Sivadier / keyboards
- Pierre Marcault / percussion (2,3)
- Marc Delouya / percussion (2,3), drums (6,7)
- Jean-Claude Buire / percussion (2,3)
- Julie Vander / vocals (4)
- Benedicte Ragu / vocals (4)
- Addie Deat / vocals (4)
- Jean Christophe Gamet / vocals (4)
- Philippe Dardelle / contrabass (4,6,7)
- Ogun / percussion (6,7)

This is the third and final OFFERING album. It's quite different from the first two, and it's the only one not dedicated to John Coltrane. And that might be the key because the first two records are so full of joy, it's like they are celebrating John Coltrane for all the great music he has created that has so inspired Christian Vander. Both are like offerings to Christian's musical hero. This one is darker and more serious. A much larger band participates as well with more vocalists and percussionists etc.

"Hymne Kobaien" is basically Christian playing an orchestral-like keyboard solo. Not a big fan of this one. "Cosmos" is a different story though. It opens with a dark atmosphere before piano takes over playing slowly. Soft vocal melodies join in. It builds as cymbals clash. Cool song. "A Fiieh" opens with piano as cymbals and vocal melodies join in. Dual female vocals here. Christian comes in vocally before a minute. Great sound here. Strong vocals before 4 1/2 minutes. Intense. It settles back like earlier but with male and female vocals as piano and cymbals continue. Great track. "La March Celeste" features these deep male vocals with piano. Female vocals join in and the vocals get more passionate. It settles after 4 minutes.

"Magnifi" is a minimilistic track with spoken words and piano. "Purificatem (Accord Des Instruments)" is a jazzy tune with lazy sax melodies as piano and synths join in. Drums after 2 minutes as the sax gets more passionate. "Purificatem" is the 26 1/2 minute closer. This is the most difficult track to digest at times. A lot of dissonance and crazy vocals too. It seems to meander a lot. It opens with piano as drums join in then sax. Christian arrives vocally before a minute. Check out Christian after 4 1/2 minutes with his odd vocal expressions. More of this with tambourine after 10 minutes. The sax then becomes prominant when the vocals stop. Piano joins in. Dissonant 13 minutes in. Vocals join the chaos. Christian is screaming 16 minutes in. It calms down 17 1/2 minutes in but the dissonace returns as these are contrasted the rest of the way. What a song !



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