Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Burnin Red Ivanhoe - 1970 - Burnin Red Ivanhoe

Burnin Red Ivanhoe 
Burnin Red Ivanhoe

01. Across The Windowsill (7:40)
02. Canaltrip (5:21)
03. Rotating Irons (8:19)
04. Gong-Gong, The Elephant Song (5:40)
05. Near The Sea (3:58)
06. Secret Oyster Service (9:48)

- Ole Fick / vocals, guitars
- Kim Menzer / saxophone, flute, trombone, harmonica, vocals
- Karsten Vogel / saxophone, organ, percussion
- Jess Stæhr / bass
- Bo Thrige Andersen / drums, percussion

 With their second album (this time a single), BRI maintains the impressive standard that they had managed on the double debut, but the line-up was reduced by a pair and was left a quintet. And in terms of musical adventures, there are a few progressions, but the eponymous album is proud successor of M144. Still with Colosseum as one of the most evident influence, BRI pulls a much more consistent second album with many excellent jazz rock tracks pulling more towards the brass rock of Chicago Transit Authority rather than the future fusion-like Miles Davis or Tony Williams.
Recorded in London and produced by Tony Reeves (of.. Colosseum, small world uh?), this album presents many longer tracks (only the final track of M144 was above the 5:30 min mark) giving effectively more interplay time to Vogel, Menzer and new guitarist Fick. There is less of the downright blues influences of their debut as they have given way to a much more satisfying psychey-jazz feel. Great tracks like Windowsill, Gong Gong Elephant Song (what where these guys smoking?), and the closing slow-developping Secret Oyster Bar

Great acoustic Canaltrip, the still-bluesy lengthy jam-like Rotating Irons and the poppy (still have to sell albums, right?) Near The Sea, all round up the album in a very pleasant manner.

Much an improvement over their debut album, BRI's second album is certainly the album you should start with along with its successor W.W.W. Although BRI is not absolutely essential to a proghead's collection, I find it still quite enjoyable and should you only have 5 albums from Denmark, BRI or W.W.W. are sure to take one of those spots.



  2. Love your blog. Lots of great info on my favorite music - 60's, 70's 80's prog-rock. Can't seem to download anything tho. Filefactory goes through the motions of downloading but after a 45 -60 minute wait the download always ends up failed. Any idea why? Thanks anyway for the blog and all your hard work. Mike