Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alrune Rod - 1975 - Tatuba Tapes

Alrune Rod
Tatuba Tapes

01. Lad os sammen finde de andre (2:12)
02. Her i solen (8:40)
03. Nærmest blå (5:03)
04. Du må ændre hvad du vil (12:54)
05. Senere (3:13)

- Leif Roden / vocals, bass
- Ole Poulsen / guitar, vocals
- Mikael Miller / guitar, vocals
- Tom Lunden / keyboards, vocals
- Karsten Høst / drums

By Bodhi Heeren:

For sure seeing Alrune Rod's final concert, an 8(!!) hours musical feast, one of the (musical) highlights of this life. It was therefore a huge disappointment when the much anticipated album came out comprising of only just half an hour of the magic. And far from the best parts of the show.

Something may have gone wrong with the recording equipment or maybe the fact that the guitars are out of tune - a lot more noticeable on record as it was in real life - led to the decision to only release this small fragment. What we get is good enough though, best the opening track "Lad os sammen finde de andre" ("Let's go together and find the others" that showcases the deep connection between the band and it's fans, and I swear I can hear my self shouting/singing along!

I still hope there will be a release of more from this show, maybe on the bands fan club page that hosts some (legal and free) downloads of this the most fantastic live band. Till then do invest in this short but beautiful item.

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