Friday, March 27, 2015

Samla Mammas Manna - 1976 - Snorungarnas Symfoni

Samla Mammas Manna 
Snorungarnas Symfoni

01. Första satsen (11:46)
02. Andra satsen (5:39)
03. Tredje satsen (7:46)
04. Fjärde satsen (8:43)

- Coste Apetrea / acoustic & electric guitars, balalaika
- Hans Bruniusson / drums, percussion
- Kalle Eriksson / trumpet
- Lars Hollmer / keyboards
- Lars Krantz / bass
- Ärtan wallander / saxophone

Written by American born Greg Allan Fitzpatrick for SMM to record, this is the last and maybe one of the most popular records of the bands classic line-up. It's a "symphony" split up in four movements and in total 33 minutes long, the first movement being the longest part of eleven minutes long. A bit short at a first glance but it's actually a perfect length. It's half an hour of happy music to make your day!

SMM plays a lot of styles on this one, like Funk, Jazz and Symphonic Prog. Most of the music is variations on a theme, sometimes played loud and sometimes sounding rather basic. On this album SMM makes use of field recordings, a lot of percussion and two guest musicians are employed on trumpet and saxophone.

Production-wise this is a quite good recording, especially when compared to other Swedish Prog records of the time which often has a somewhat unclean production. It's an even affair too. No part is particularly better or worse than the album as a whole. A solid four stars may fit.

It also sports a lovely sleeve cover (Done by Maria Persson.) of a fantasy town whish looks to be based on pre-60s small Swedish towns.



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