Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paris - 1976 - Big Towne, 2061

Big Towne, 2061

01. Blue Robin 02:28
02. Big Towne, 2061 04:33
03. Pale Horse, Pale Rider 03:25
04. New Orleans 04:18
05. Outlaw Game (Bob Welch, Hunt Sales) 05:20
06. Money Love (Bob Welch, Hunt Sales) 03:54
07. Heart Of Stone 02:42
08. Slave Trader 03:11
09. 1 In 10 03:01
10. Janie (Bob Welch, Glenn Cornick) 07:28

All songs written by Bob Welch, except where noted.

Bob Welch - vocals, guitar
Glenn Cornick - bass guitar, keyboards
Hunt Sales - vocals, drums, percussion

I didn't even have to go down stairs for this one.  I just pulled it off the living room turntable where it shows up a couple times a year.  Bob (Fleetwood Mac) Welch's version of a power trio was a commercial bomb.  Neither 2061 or the first album penetrated the billboard top 100.  It's a shame.  If I want to get pumped up in, I toss this on and listen to the frantic opening notes of "Blue Robin."  He's following Led Zepplin, but it's he's put his own identity on it as well.  Other tunes are trippy guitar excursions floating on waves of synth chords.  None of it sounds like the Mac with the exception of "Slave Trader," which could have fit on "Heroes are Hard to Find."  Best lyric:  "She likes money so much everytime we make love I got to keep my pants on, she likes to keep her hands in my pockets."

Sidemen for this LP were former Jethro Tull bassman Glenn Cornick and former Todd Rundgren (and future Bowie/Tin Machine) drummer Hunt Sales, whose odd backing vocals give the album a weird vibe.  It must have at least a few adherents as I saw the LP listed yesterday at a vinyl collector site for $21.  I used to own it on 8-track as well.

I remember quote from Welch from a Rolling Stone interview of Welch when it was released.  It went something like this:

"I want my sound to be like European decadence, like running your hands through raw hamburger just because you like the feel of it."

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