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Los Jaivas - 1984 - Los Jaivas Ensemble

Los Jaivas 
Los Jaivas Ensemble 
(aka En Vivo En Moscú)

01. Follow Me And Rise, My Brother (Sube a Nacer Conmigo Hermano) (4:46)
02. Running (Corre que te pillo) (11:49)
03. Enlightenment (Pregon Para Iluminarse) (5:58)
04. Macchu Picchu Heights (La Poderosa Muerte) (11:57)

- Gato Alquinta / lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, cuarto, zampoña, quena, ocarina
- Mario Mutis / bass, electric guitar, zampoña, quena, vocals
- Eduardo Parra / electric piano, Mini-Moog, tarka
- Claudio Parra / grand and electric piano, mini-Moog
- Gabriel Parra / drums, percussion, trutrucas, tarka, vocals

Releases information

Recorded live at the "Rossia" State Concert Hall in 1983.

Back in the 1980's, if you had listen to this album you were a very lucky guy. Today, if you own the original LP, you might be sure you have a treasure.

What's my point? This is a very rare recording. I think it was only edited in the USSR. Maybe two or three copies are actually here in Chile (I'm talking 'bout the vinyl disc, if you downloaded the mp3 you are lucky, but not so much).

Well, let's review this little piece of jewelery.

Sube a Nacer Conmigo Hermano (Follow me and rise, my brother). A great start for a live release. Although I don't think they started their concert with this tune, it's a powerful song that keeps the listener always up with its wonderfully-frantic piano arpeggios that are throughout the whole song; the constant groove of drums and bass that doesn't decay and the well-known minimoog riff that precedes the high-pitched almost flawless singing of Gato Alquinta.

Corre que te Pillo (Running). A 12-minute instrumental song with an amazing extended drum solo by the late Gabriel Parra, including a bass-drum/hi-hat 12/8 groove created and developed by himself and a variation for two bass-drums in this live performance. Being a drummer myself, I think every drummer in the world should listen to this song and specially this version. It's not about the drum solo, but also the whole work he did in the entire song. The main traditional malambo rhythm and how he develops it. And last but not least, don't forget his drum set had 12 tom-toms.

Pregón para Iluminarse (Enlightenment). I'm pretty sure this was the first song of the show and was chosen to be put in between two 12-minute epics. As all the four songs in this record, a flawless performance of the five original members in what is considered today as the band's peak. If you have ever watched or listened something live from the years 80~88 you might agree. If not, try to get a copy of this.

La Poderosa Muerte (Heights of Macchu Picchu). What a perfect performance for this epic song. Almost 12 minutes of Los Jaivas in the peak of their career. Well, many people say this is the greatest Jaivas' composition ever. This is the greatest live version for this masterpiece I've ever heard.

OK, I think that's it. The only thing I can say to end this review is try to get a copy of this, it's a great live recording of an amazing band. Besides, it's a rare edition of an historic concert... If you're a Jaivas' fan, you MUST get this, trust me.

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