Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kornet - 1977 - Frittfall


01.Lyrisk Olåt (3:54)
02.Sista Skriket (9:27)
03.Bilder Om Våren (7:06)
04.Plåtniklas (7:10)
05.Skotten John (5:57)
06.Darjantan (6:33)

-Sten Forsman/ Bass
-Åke Sundqvist/ Drums, Percussion
-Stefan Nilsson/ Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer,
-Stefan Björklund/Guitar, Mandolin
-Ed Epstein/ Saxophone
-Örjan Fahlström/ Vibraphone, Marimba, Percussion
-Sabu Martinez /Congas -
-Thorbjörn Eklund/ Flute
-Nils Holmstedt/ Cor Anglais

The first two Kornet albums ,the self titled Kornet and the second Fritt fall (Free fall) are very similar,so this review could also fit the first album.

Kornet is a great band similar to another Swedish band EGBA.The music here is a very energetic and adventurous blend of jazz rock fusion,with great swinging rhythm,along the lines of Return to Forever,Billy Cobham,Janne Schaffer,Bjorn Jason Lindh ,Isotope,Missus Beastly,Pekka Pohjola,Perigeo and the warmth of the Scandinavian north,if this makes sense,but when you hear this,I am sure you will understand.

Musicianship is top notch and everybody gets their fair chance to lets lose and show their skills.

I still have these from way back and they are still great to throw on every now and again.If you can find these anywhere,do yourself a favour and snap them up.

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