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Janne Schaffer - 1973 - Janne Schaffer

Janne Schaffer 
Janne Schaffer

01. The Chinese
02. Hakkans Affar
03. No Registration
04. Kulan
05. Titus
06. Jordbruksmaskinen
07. Fillins Mignon
08. Vidarnas Madrass

Produced By Lars Samuelson

Janne Schaffer: Guitar
Bengt Karlsson: Guitar
Stefan Brolund: Bass
Drums: Ola Brunkert
Piano, Flute: Bjorn J:son Lindh

A Swedish guitarist,known to the public from his work as a session musician for ABBA.Schaffer was born in Stockholm in mid-40's and he spent his early career on various pop bands.He was a member of three Swedish Jazz-Rock giants,Baltik, Pop Workshop and Ablution.In 1973 he recorded his solo debut under his name for Four Leaf Clover Records and the year after the same album was released on Vertigo under the name ''The chinese''.Among the musicians Schaffer collaborated for these albums we find famous Swedish flutist/keyboardist Björn J:son Lindh along with drummer Ola Brunkert from Baltik/Ablution, bassist Stefan Brolund from Pop Workshop/Egba and Malando Gassama on percussion,again from Ablution.

I do not know actually if the songs are exactly the same with the 1973 LP,as I havent listened to it,but a few titles are different actually.Nevertheless all tracks feature some quite exciting guitar work by Schaffer with more or less a jazzy/Fusion style,ranging from melodic hooks in the vein of CAMEL's Andy Latimer to somewhat improvised soloing,but always with a rockin' attitude.Some acoustic passages are lovely as well,with Lindh delivering a number jazzy electric piano performances on the album.Two tracks contain also Lindh's fantastic flute playing,these have a beautiful Symphonic/Psych/Folk edge with a great and deep atmosphere.The work of bassist Stefan Brolund is also remarkable at times with some deep lines along the way.

From his very first work Schaffer prooved that we had a lot to wait for from him.Nice jazzy Progressive Rock with tight performances and a fine rockin' sound.Recommended.

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