Monday, March 16, 2015

Gong - 2006 - In the 70s

In the 70s

01. Eat That Phonebook (2:38)
02. End of the Day (0:55)
03. A PHP's Advice (0:47)
04. Om Riff (7:59)
05. Flower's Gone (4:35)
06. I've Been Stoned Before (3:38)
07. Long Shanks (1:57)
08. O Mother (1:12)
09. Holy Mystery (6:23)
10. Tropical Fish (studio rehearsal) (4:47)
11. Selene (3:07)
12. Never Glid Before (home rehearsal) (6:36)
13. Oily Way (home rehearsal) (5:28)
14. Blues for Finlay (Live 1972) (13:25)
15. Benamou's announcement (0:59)
16. 'I don't know encore (2:14)

- Tim Blake / synthesizers, harmonica, vocals
- Steve Hillage / lead guitar, vocals
- Didier Malherbe / Tenor saxophone
- Pierre Moerlen / drums
- Mike Howlett / bass
- Daevid Allen / vocals, rhythm & gliss guitar
- Christian Tristch / bass (10,14 & 16)
- Mac Poole / drums (14 & 16)
- Pip Pyle / drums (10)
- Gilli Smyth / vocals, spacewhisper (10,14 & 16)

The first 9 tracks is the classic '73 line-up without Gilli, live and quite well recorded,expecting some harshness but with nice highs and a good precense. The highlights are the almost 8 minutes « Om riff » (« Master builder ») with a fantastic Hillage's solo, while « Holy mystery » is an embryonic version of the « Fish rising » first piece. After comes some alternate « Camembert » studio covers with real good sound : « Tropical fish » and « Selene ». Excellent.

Two others alternate tracks from « Angel's egg » : « Never glid before » and « Oily way ». Interesting covers, unfortunatly featuring a blurry sound with a bumped low.

« Blues for Finlay » is a rare '72 cover of the « Continental circus » main theme. The most psychedelic cover to date with a hazy-document sound, but loaded with incredible wha-wha guitar.

Only 3,5 stars because of the average sound quality, but it remains a great document for Gong fans. This « Voiceprint » CD comes under a Digipack form with a nice mauve inside color.

 Another great document that is in fact a collection that included live versions "Radio Gnome" pieces, alternative takes of "Tropical Fish", "Selene" and ultimate version of "I've been stoned before" (with extremely "guttural" vocals) from "Camembert Electrique" and more. Another example of great anarchistic Gong lineup. Incredible opening in "Eat that phonebook" and stunning "Om riff" . The whole album is very interesting in the best Gong's tradition. Sound quality deserves to be better on some tracks, however it shouldn't hold back no Gong fan from getting it. If you are into Camembert-Radio Gnome-era of Gong --- it's an "absolute must"

Also appeared as Bananamoon Obscura No. 16: Gong on Acid '73 on Allen's Mail order



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