Friday, March 13, 2015

Gong - 1990 - Live au Bataclan

Live au Bataclan

01. Introduction - Tout Va Bien (1:28)
02. Dynamite - I'm Your Animal (17:04)
03. Tic Toc ( 5:52)
04. Taliesin (6:58)
05. Inside Your Head (4:43)
06. You Can't Kill Me ( 7:04)
07. Flute Salad (4:26)
08. Pussy (5:55)
09. Radio Gnome I & II (7:00)
10. Flying Teapot (9:36)
11. Wet Drum Sandwich (Encore) (6:39)

- Daevid Allen / vocals, guitars
- Gilli Smyth / vocals, space whisper
- Tim Blake / synthesizer
- Steve Hillage / guitars
- Mike Howlett / bass
- Pierre Moerlen / drums
- Didier Malherbe / saxophone, flute

Excellent live album of Gong with a Pierre Moelen in überform. two of the tracks, "You can't Kill Me" and the track which is here listed as two tracks under the names "Tic-Toc" and "Taliesin" (which is in reality one track named "Zero the Hero") already appear on the "Live Etc." album which was published on the Virgin label, but for some strange reasons Virgin cut out parts of the sax and guitar solos from these tracks. on "Live au Bataclan" you can hear these solos in the full version. Gong were really inspired on that day, especially Moerlen who simply seems to burst with ideas, and I can fully understand why Friede chose him as her idol and personal drum God. the cheerful anarchy that always was a part of Gong is definitely present on this album; one can hear the musicians had lots of fun