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Ekseption - 1970 - Ekseption 3

Ekseption 3

01. Peace planet (3:32)
02. B 612 (4:08)
03. Morning rose (3:04)
04. Piece for symphonic and rock group in A minor (5:53)
     a) Part one: Passacaglia
     b) Part two: Painting
05. The lamplighter (3:01)
06. Bottle mind (2:45)
07. On sunday they will kill the world (3:26)
08. Another history (4:37)
09. Rondo (5:25)

- Steve Allet / vocals
- Michel van Dijk / vocals (on 8)
- Rick van der Linden / piano, spinet, organ, mellotron
- Rein van den Broek / trumpet, flugelhorn
- Cor Dekker / bass guitar
- Dick Remelink / saxes
- Peter de Leeuwe / drums

This third album by Dutch jazz-rock and classical influenced band had confirmed their stand as solid band with inventive music compositions. The CD of this album is quite rare and I can only review this through my cassette collection that I purchased in the 70s. The album kicks off nicely with "Peace planet" (3:32), an instrumental piece with catchy organ like Procol Harum music style followed by fast tempo music where the organ solo is supported by tight bass lines and inventive clavinet. It's an energetic song that creates an uplifting mood. Drums are also excellent. But I salute the bass playing style of Cor Dekker, it's so powerful throughout the album.
The second track "B 612" (4:08) is a song with vocal (Steve Allet, who replaced previous lead singer in "Beggar Julia's Time Trip" album. This song has a great brass section combined beautifully with clavinet in jazz rock style. There is a nice trumpet solo at the end. The overall style reminds me to the music of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. "Morning rose" (3:04) starts with nice clavinet in slow tempo followed beautifully with vocal line. Clavinet provides great work at background. Right after first verse the organ enters brilliantly in Procol Harum style.

"Piece for symphonic and rock group in A minor" (5:53) comprises two movements: a) Part one: Passacaglia and b) Part two: Painting. Part One starts with an orchestra in ambient mood demonstrating clarinet solo. It's really a catchy opening in slow tempo. String section then takes lead in solo while the background music combines orchestra and timpani sound. On Part Two, the music then turns into fast tempo with dazzling drum, inventive bass lines, staccato trumpets and great organ. All instruments play in intertwining roles.

"The lamplighter" (3:01) is another instrumental piece with great organ at opening followed with trumpet solo while bass playing is obvious and tight, followed with great organ solo and then great church organ work. "Bottle mind" (2:45) is an instrumental music with fast tempo, staccato brass rock section which reminds me to Blood, Sweat & Tears music. The music interlude is wonderful with pulsating organ sound. "On sunday they will kill the world" (3:26), the opening part reminds me to Chicago 7's "Old Days". Vocal enters nicely. Music interlude is nice with great organ / piano work. Bass guitar is also great. "Another history" (4:37) has a great brass section backed by piano & dynamic bass lines followed wit trumpet solo backed with dazzling bass guitar work . Vocal line enters beautifully in low to medium register notes. After the first verse, organ gives a Procol Harum sound. It s really COOL!!

Overall, this is a VERY GOOD album by Ekseption and I think it deserves a four stars rating: an excellent addition to any prog music collection. For those who love jazz-rock, this is a MUST HAVE album that you should not miss. Keep on proggin' ..!



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