Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Bltered States of Alien KWISP

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 13 
Altered States of Alien KWISP

01. Zubbux 2:53
02. Theme to Tiki Yak Eye 2:26
03. Red Pap Lotus 2:58
04. Surrealistic at Large Domino 2:54
05. Bodega Lullabye 3:14
06. Zubbo 3:15
07. Tinkerbell's Confusion 6:55
08. Teriyaki Vest Odyssey 6:55
09. Disco Penguin's Nightmare 3:38
10. Dragons Titties 5:25
11. Ether Bunny's Music for the Massless 6:39
12. Altered Scooter (U of Errors Remix) 9:02


Daevid Allen {Gliss and experimemtal guitar, loops drones: all tracks except 3, 4, 8, 10}
Altered Walter Funk {Electroacoustic gizmoids, transformations, voices, electronix: all tracks}
Reid Johnston {Organ, ghost drum and hardware: 8, 10}
Cork Marcheschi {'The stuff': 8}
Lori Surfer Varga {Electronics: 9}

 Daevid transformed by Altered Walter Funk.

Bizarre and surreal psychedelic studio recordings from 2003/4. I don't know what Walter has been taking, but if you are offered any think very, very carefully before you partake. Actually it probably just oozes out of the speakers of your stereo, across the floor and through the soles of your feet, as what was extremely odd five minutes ago is starting to make way more sense than perhaps it should. Oh dear! Deeply strange and wonderful - 'stranged' and altered you may well be.

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