Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 1999 - Eat Me Baby I'm A Jelly Bean

Daevid Allen
Eat Me Baby I'm A Jelly Bean

01. So What    
02. Gold Top    
03. I Can't Get Started    
04. Slow Boat    
05. It Ain't Necessarily So    
06. My Funny Valentine    
07. Au Privave    
08. St. Petersburg Cafe    
09. Salt Peanuts    

Bass - Larry Steen
Drums - Ndugu Chancler
Piano - Eugene Maslov
Saxophone [Alto] - Bloomdido Bad De Grass (aka Didier Malherbe)
Vocals - Daevid Allen

his album is recorded by 60- years old Australian beatnik and Gong founder Daevid Allen. He doesn't play guitar or other instruments there, just sings. And he sings jazz!

Musicians (including Gong fame sax player Didier Malherbe) play bop and cool jazz, and Daevid sings, mostly jazz standards, but one original composition as well. Some jazz standards have Allen's lyrics there!

Music is competent, but almost authentic be-bop, Allen has his characteristic voice timbre (even if ne isn't great jazz singer for sure). Main this recording's value is its atmosphere. Nostalgic, but with lite humour.

This album musically is no way connected with Canterbury, fusion or any form of progressive rock music form, but could be a pleasant memory for Daevid Allen as a great figure from late 60-s - early 70-s.

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