Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 1997 - Dreamin A Dream

Daevid Allen
Dreamin A Dream

01. Dear Friends 1:59
02. High Points 2:59
03. Brothers 5:57
04. Big Daddy 1:44
05. Wotsa Use 5:02
06. Garden Song 6:31
07. Came To Find You 6:01
08. The Rapist 4:37
09. Sittin' In A Teashop 2:43
10. Fire Becomes Her 2:52
11. No One's Slave 3:01
12. Tor Song 6:22
13. Dear Friends 3:12

Violin, Guitar [Lead] - Graham Clark
Vocals, Guitar, Guitar [Glissando], Keyboards, Producer - Daevid Allen

This album of singer-songwriter material from Daevid Allen isn't as wildly psychedelic as some of his solo albums, but it's both competently performed and well-produced and is a reasonable enough collection of New Age-tinged folky songs. This time around, Allen seems primarily concerned with putting across his thoughts on a range of interrelated topics - feminism, male privilege, all that kind of thing - which is the sort of thing he's regularly expressed an interest in over the years but has rarely approached with the seriousness evident this time around. Whilst it isn't entirely my cup of tea, I think Allen fans could do a lot worse than giving this one a try.

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