Monday, March 30, 2015

Brainticket - 2000 - Alchemic Universe

Alchemic Universe

01. Life's mirror (8:10)
02. Transformation of a stream (10:14)
03. Within Venus (5:40)
04. Alchemic universe (10:31)
05. Relics'n roll (12:28)
06. The subspace between (3:36)
07. A dream's reflection (7:11)
08. Time (2:09)

- Lance Bunda / words
- Carol Muriel / vocals
- Joel Vandroogenbroek / keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, flute, vocals

Welcome my little progressive rock space cadets to the "Alchemic Universe"... a place where your brain is going to get spun 180 degrees. Years ago I was introduced to the music of BRAINTICKET which became an immediate addiction for me. Over the years BRAINTICKET continued to release several albums and recently have released a wonderful little deep space album which I am quite fond of. Gone is the 70's psychedelia element, but "Alchemic Universe" blends the finer aspects of space travel more in a TANGERINE DREAM'ish/ of KRAFTWERK sytle. This wonderful album is full of tons of space effects and some great voice overs... Without a question we are transported into another dimension with some excellent space grooves and moments of wierdness. "Alchemic Universe" is perfect for those rainy Sunday evenings for sitting outside getting a bit damp while you brush your teeth... A wild one but I love it... Highly original!

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