Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brainstorm - 1972 - Smile A While

Smile A While

01. Das Schwein Truegt (4:40)
02. Zwick Zwick (4:40)
03. Watch Time Flow By (1:29)
04. Bosco Biati WeiB Alles (8:59)
05. Snakeskin Tango (2:20)
06. Smile A While (15:34)
07. You Are What’s Gonna Make It Last (Bonus Live) (3:31)
08. Don’t Forget (Bonus Live) (0:25)
09. Thesen & Antithesen (Bonus Live) (14:01)
10. Einzug Der Elefanten (Bonus) (4:09)
11. You Knock Me Out (Bonus) (3:03)

- Eddy V. Overheidt / keyboards, vocals
- Rainer Bodensohn / flute, bass
- Roland Schaffer / saxes, clarinet, bass, guitars
- Joe Koinzer / drums
- Harold Wagner / bass (7-9)

Brainstorm’s debut offers an odd twist on jazz-rock, throwing in bits of Canterbury and Frank Zappa, as well as the Dutch band Supersister.

The album starts off with the explosive energy of the instrumental Das Schwein Trugt, a fast piece of complex prog-jazz. Zwick Zwick follows, beginning at an only slightly slower pace, with some wild flutes and clarinets over a choppy rhythm, and then halfway through the guitar, bass, and organ rip into the mix to add a furious energy to the piece.

Though the album is mostly instrumental, a couple tracks offer quirky song structures, the very short Watch Time Flow By and a couple short sections in the long title track, while Snakeskin Tango has someone moaning in anguish and the middle section of Bosco Biati Weiss Alles contains strange wordless vocal drones. Through it all, Brainstorm has crafted top-notch music that combines the manic energy and flippancy of rock with the loose fluidity and chops of jazz, with dynamic arrangements, a sense of humor, and excellent musicianship.

This edition also includes five bonus tracks that are in a similar vein to the album cuts, though these can be found on the “From Fashion Pink to Brainstorm” archival release as well.