Monday, March 30, 2015

Arktis - 2006 - Last Arktis Tapes

Last Arktis Tapes

01. Speed Boogie (3:44)
02. Is It Real (2:55)
03. Hey Boy (3:08)
04. Great Spring Feeling (6:12)
05. Quak Quak (3:04)
06. Very Progressive (18:04)
07. Furious Flight (8:44)
08. Slide Experience (9:44)
09. Just Walking (9:21)
10. Student's Idyll (live) (4:03)
11. Sky Drive (live) 5:07)

The final release from this band is another compilation album like the previous one of mostly unreleased tracks and live tunes. Some good music on here but this isn't as good as the previous record. Lots of guitar led songs but it gets tiresome after a while hearing mostly the same style over and over for over 74 minutes.

"Speed Boogie" opens with the guitar swirling before a full sound kicks in. Some good pickin' on this one. "Is It Real" is a catchy vocal track. It's okay but the best part is the instrumental section starting after 1 1/2 minutes. "Hey Boy" is another commercial sounding vocal tune. "Great Spring Feeling" is excellent as the guitar leads throughout this intrumental.

"Quak Quak" features lots of guitar noodling. "Very Progressive" is good with the guitar, bass and drums jamming away for some 18 minutes. "Furious Flight" is another good guitar driven track. "Slide Experience" is more of the same really. It's good but this is the fifth of six straight tracks in this style and these aren't short songs. "Just Walking" is the final instrumental.

"Student's Idyll (Live)" is a live version of a song from the debut album. "Sky Drive (Live) ends it wih another live tune.


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