Monday, March 30, 2015

Agitation Free - 1974 - Last

Agitation Free

01. Soundpool – 5:54
02. Laila II – 16:58
03. Looping IV – 22:41

- Michael Hoenig / synthesizer, keyboards
- Dietmar Burmeister / drums
- Michel Gunther / bass
- Gustl Lutjens / vocals
- Burghard Rausch / drums, keyboards, vocals
- Jorg Schwenke / guitar
- Lutz Ulbrich / guitar, keyboards

This live album is very different but somewhat the logical follower of “Second” but reversely so. Here the electronics predominate the electric and acoustic music. It was recorded partly live in 1974 and partly in spring 1973 from a radio broadcast and parts from a successful French tour the next year with yet another guitarist.

The first side is made up of two tracks and they don’t make for an easy adaptation of Agitation Free’s evolution since their second album. Gone is the warm pastoral sound of “Second” or the torrid cosmic feel of Malesch. We are left with a glacial music, sometimes not very well recorded The flipside is filled by a sidelong comp “Looping IV”, which is relatively eventless. as this is mostly electronic layers and sounds evolving and leading to some delightful music that AF had gotten us used to in their first two.

This is a definite tougher listen. You’ll find that it never gets fully tamed, but in time, you should warm up to it.

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