Sunday, February 22, 2015

Try - 1980 - Just A Try

Just A Try

01. Introduction (Just a Try) 4:20
02. Wreck On The Wire (6:20)
03. Roswithas' Baby (4:45)
04. Immovableness (4:05)
05. B. Baggins (5:19)
06. Last Feather (2:05)
07. Annas' Dream (2:20)
08. Monte Christo (3:30)
09. With A Little Help From Zacharias (2:20)
10. Move (2:02)
11. Just Another Try (3:50)

- Michael Lapp : keyboards; electric & acoustic (6 & 12 String) guitars; finger picking guitar on "Monte Christo"; mandolin on "B. Baggins"
- Amadeus Reineck : finger picking guitars; mandolin on "Annas' Dream"; sitar; birds whistling
- Dieter Bauer : bass on "Wreck On The Wire" & "Just Another Try"
- Caroline McCombs : vocals on "Wreck On The Wire"

An instrumental duo from Berlin, Try originated from the Country band Marzipan and work in numerous other projects on the local folk scene. It seems that they never existed as a proper working band, but got together to record an album as "Just a Try" and the name Try stuck. An interesting, and very obscure album, it had stylings akin to Ashra, Cluster, Rolf Trostel, Anthony Phillips: otherwise ranging from upbeat echo guitar and synthesizers onto multi-textured guitar pieces, and many other places in between.
Amadeus Reineck also worked in the duo Suedama, and worked as sound engineer at the Berlin Quasimodo jazz club.



  2. Thank you very much, I've heard good things about this one. Al E.