Saturday, February 21, 2015

Trust - 1970 - Le Mutant

Le Mutant

01. Les Blés   
02. Joue, Joue   
03. Cité Renoir   
04. Plus Rien Ne Bouge   
05. Le Pensionnaire   
06. Hip Hip Hip   
07. Le Mammouth   
08. Easy Rider   
09. Le Mutant   

Alain Markusfeld
Jean Schultheis
Jacky Chalard

"Le Mutant" is basically a French pop rock album, with a distinct British proto-prog feel where The Beatles have to be considered an obvious influence here, despite it all being sung in French. Similar to countrymen Iris and M.O.T.U.S. in that same way. Not as adventurous as the first two albums from Alain Markusfeld, for example. Speaking of which, it is rumored that both Markusfeld (guitar) and Jacky Chalard (bass) play on this (though uncredited). Non-essential fluff for the most part, but a good one to hear for specialists. This Trust is not related to the French hard rock group of the same name that later supplied Iron Maiden with its drummers.

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