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Swegas - 1971 - Live At Gunzburg 1971

Live At Gunzburg 1971

01. What You Gonna Do
02. Said But Never Heard
03. Cold Unfriendly Way
04. 1776 Fantasia
05. Into The Ox
06. Bavarian Waltz
07. Psalm 19
08. Photographs / Child Of LIght
09. Magic Pipe
10. Beautiful Scarlet
11. Planetarium
12. Beautiful Scarlet

John Macnicol (trumpet), Nick Ronai (trombone)
John Legg (alto sax/bari sax/flute), Ron Shillingford (tenor sax/sop sax/flute)
Keith Strachan (keyboards/vocals), Stewart Wilkinson (guitar/vocals)
Roy Truman (bass guitar), Billy Hogan (drums)

Recorded live in Gunzburg on July 21, 1971

In retrospect SWEGAS's concert in Gunzburg was perhaps their finest hour. They had played a number of open air concerts, notably at Lake Constance and Reutlingen and the Bavarian audience had warmed to their somewhat avante garde approach. (At around ths time Kraftwerk were supporting SWEGAS which tells us something)

In Gunzburg SWEGAS played to a loyal audience of about 8,000 and that audience truly had a great time. It is of good fortune that someone took a bootleg recording of the event. The guy in question, Heinz Strobel, kindly sent a copy of the recording to Bernd Cronemeyer the roadie of the band and all of SWEGAS have had a copy thereafter. It was only recorded on cassette so the sound quality is far from perfect but we are nevertheless fortunate that this concert was recorded because it demonstrates just how far SWEGAS have come since recording the studio albums. The results are now safely digitilised and will soon be available to all. Despite the poor sound quality this live recording features SWEGAS at its finest.

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