Monday, February 23, 2015

Popol Vuh - 1975 - Das Hohelied Salomos

Popol Vuh
Das Hohelied Salomos

01. Steh auf, zieh mich dir nach (4:40)
02. Du schönste der Weiber (4:32)
03. In den Nächten auf den Gassen I (1:36)
04. Du Sohn Davids I (3:01)
05. In den Nächten auf den Gassen II (3:47)
06. Der Winter ist vorbei (3:45)
07. Ja, deine Liebe ist süsser als wein (3:37)
08. Du Sohn Davids II (4:45)
09. Du tränke Mich mit deinen Küssen (5:28)

- Florian Fricke / piano
- Daniel Fichelscher / acoustic & elelectric guitars, percussion
- Djong Yun / vocals
+ Alois Gromer / sitar
- Shana Kumar / tabla

Released in 1975, after the excellent "Einsjäger & Siebenjäger", this album belongs to the second era of the band. The most progrock, thanks to the rhythmic section and guitar's presence.

Compositions are short and dense, some moments are energetic but most pieces are in a meditative vein. The opener "Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach" , is wonderful. It starts with a solemn introduction, and then the piece slowly builds up with piano and female back vocals and eventually explodes with an aerial and lyrical guitar flight supported by a powerful rhythm.

On this album, Popol vuh reaches a perfect balance and manage to do a perfect synthesis of the progrock sound, the eastern influences (sitar and tabla) and the spiritual inspiration; by creating out-of-this world and highly spiritual atmospheres, thanks to the use of sitar, spacey and expressive guitar playing, also using sometimes repetitive guitar/drums patterns creating a hypnotic mood. The background vocals by Djong Yun contributes to this ethereal, celestial feeling typical of the band at its best.

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