Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Orphan Egg - 1969 - Orphan Egg

Orphan Egg
Orphan Egg

02.That's the Way Love Is
03.Mourning Electra
04.Bird Dog
05.It's Wrong
06.Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
07.Look at Me
08.Deep in the Heart of Nebraska
09.Don't Go to Him
11.Unusual State of Mind
12.Rock Me Baby

Orphan Egg:
Jim Bates - vocals
George Brix - drums
Pat Gallagher - guitar, vocals
Dave Monley - guitar, harpsichord
Barry Smith - bass

Nice little forgotten psych gem from this American group. Some of the songs are pretty typical of the genre (not that there's anything wrong with that) but the top class fuzz guitar improves this album significantly.

Orphan Egg album originally released on gnp subsidiary carole in 1968 - formed in 1967 in San Jose Orphan Egg was one of the lengthy list of bay area groups inspired by the psych movement spreading its tentacles from the sounds spiritual home in San Francisco. The album which also boasts some strong uk beat psych influences features lashings of incredible heavy fuzz guitar psych on a number of tracks. Aside from a handful of covers the self-penned tunes really are the stand-outs here with the feisty fuzz guitar bass drums a little recorder & a smattering of harpsichord combining along with beautiful trippy vocals to produce an ethereal floating psych sound.

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