Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lighthouse - 1970 - Peacing It All Together

1970 -
Peacing It All Together

01. Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo / Let the Happiness Begin.
02. Everyday I Am Reminded
03. The Country Song
04. Sausalito
05. The Fiction Of Twenty Six Million
06. The Chant (Nam Myoho Renge' Kyo)

- Dick Armin / cello
- Paul Armin / vocals
- John Capon / trombone
- Bruce Cassidy / trumpet
- Arnie Chycoski / trumpet
- Ralph Cole / guitar, vocals
- Pinky Dauvin / vocals
- Don Dinovo / viola
- Grant Fullerton / bass, vocals
- Paul Hoffert / keyboards
- Russ Little / trombone
- Skip Prokop / guitar, drums, vocals
- Howard Shore / saxophone
- Larry Smith / trombone, vocals
- Les Snider / cello

This was Lighthouse's third album and last one on this particular label. Their next album, "One Fine Morning" on a new label was to be the start of their golden era until their unfortunate break-up. I preferred "Piecing It Together" to their second album "Suite Feeling" but "Piecing It Together" was in no way as good as their next three albums which would appear on their new label. Switching labels seemed to have lifted their music up a couple of notches. However I enjoy this album.
Brings back my youth. The songs are great and show how this type of music should be savoured. Listen using headphones to really hear outstanding performance by all.