Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dennis - 1975 - Hyperthalamus


01. Do Your Own Thing (7:18)
02. Others Do (3:56)
03. Already (6:47)
04. Grey Present Tense (19:24)

- Thomas Kretschmer / guitar
- Klaus Briest / bass
- Jim Wiley / bass
- Manne Rürup / keyboards
- Michael Kops / keyboards
- Willi Pape / sax, clarinet, flute
- Olaf Casalich / percussion
- Carsten Bohn / drums, percussion

The band DENNIS has been something like a german Krautrock supergroup in the 70s. Members of FRUMPY, THIRSTY MOON, XHOL, TOMMORROW'S GIFT and OUGENWEIDE had a collaboration for nearly two years in 1973/74. 'Hyperthalamus' is the (first) result with four excerpts. This album contains a mix of studio and live sessions with an ordinary sound quality. Here you can listen to excellent Jazz Rock combined with some Space/Psychedelic.

Do Your Own Thing is an absolutely amazing song. It starts with an authentic recording from the central railway station in Hamburg and then moves into a psychedelic part dominated by Kretschmer's guitar accompanied by an accentuated bass and drum playing. Others Do and Already are typical two-in-one songs - a Jazz Rock based jam interaction of guitar, bass and drums.

The last track Grey Present Tense is very smooth, releaxed, inspired by TRAFFIC's 'On the Road'. Finally saxophone and electric piano are getting an effective role and enough space to evolve. This song seems to be the best to me. Just a gem not only because the sound quality is good here.

An album with a wonderful unique atmosphere which deserves to be more popular. Recommended to fans of improvised Jazz Rock but unfortunately hard to get because it is not yet released on CD. And there's nothing more to say than to hope there are existing more recordings of this excellent project.



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