Thursday, February 19, 2015

Andwellas Dream - 1969 - Love and Poetry

Andwellas Dream
Love and Poetry

01. The Days Grew Longer For Love
02. Sunday
03. Lost A Number Found A King
04. Man Without A Name
05. Clockwork Man
06. Cocaine
07. Shades Of Grey
08. High On A Mountain
09. Andwella
10. Midday Sun
11. Take My Road
12. Felix
13. Goodbye
14. Mister Sunshine (Junkie Woman Blues) (Bonus Single)
15. Mrs. Man (Bonus Single)
16. Take My Road (Bonus Alternate)
17. Man Without A Name (Bonus Alternate)

- Dave Lewis / Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
- Bob Downes / Flute, Percussion
- Nigel Portman Smith / Bass
- Gordon Barton / Drums

Andwellas Dream emerged in Belfast, Ireland in the mid 60's lead by the child prodigy Dave Lewis. Originally called “Method”, the band was one of the founders of the Irish Rock scene. In the late 60's “Method” moved to London and changed their name to “Andwella’s Dream” – a name that came to Dave Lewis in a dream – and over two days in a studio in Denmark Street they recorded what was to become their sole album, “Love and Poetry”.

“Love and Poetry” captures the cusp of the moment just before the abstract abandon of psychedelia mutated into the leaden predictability of progressive rock. Composed entirely of Dave Lewis songs, the album evokes the heady atmosphere of the late ’60's with druggy utopian themes and innocent musical experimentation.

Hard psychedelic rock with blistering guitar work is mixed with contemporary pop themes given a liberal dose of backwards effects exotic percussion, flute and acoustic guitar.



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