Thursday, February 19, 2015

Andwella - 1971 - People's People

People's People

01. She Taught Me to Love 3:15
02. Saint Bartholomew 3:00
03. The World of Angelique 2:26
04. Mississippi Water 3:28
05. I've Got My Own 2:36
06. Are You Ready 2:30
07. Four Days in September 3:47
08. Lazy Days 1:24
09. People's People 3:16
10. Behind the Paint Scheme 3:26
11. All For You 2:11

– David Lewis – lead vocals, guitar, piano, organ, arranger, producer
– Dave McDougall – piano, organ, arranger
– Dave Struthers – bass, vocals
– Jack McCulloch – drums, percussion

As a rock music fan for over thirty years, I have literally listened to thousands of song and albums, and Andwella's People's People has always rated among the top notch albums of my personal choice.

This is not a work of innovation. It is just a combination of good song writing throughout, simple but well arranged backing, and hearty & soulful singing. To some ears, Dave Lewis's vocal may sound too soft and smooth, and the song writing too folky-orieted, but precisely because of these features, this album has an enduring appeal.

If you are looking for something psych or provocative to add to your collection, this is not for you.  
If you are just looking for good music to listen to, what else do you need?



  2. Could you please re-up this one? When I open the link, it's the files for Love & Poetry rather than People's People. Thanks, awesome blog btw!