Thursday, February 19, 2015

Alain Markusfeld - 1977 - Le Desert Noir

Alain Markusfeld 
Le Desert Noir

01. Le désert noir
02. Marrakech blues
03. Venus theme
04. Patita song
05. Atlantis rock
06. Bulgaro-feld
07. Hot love (musique pour l'espace et le temps perdu)
08. Jupiter forever part I
09. Jupiter forever part II

- Alain Markusfeld / electric guitars, acoustic 12 string guitars, electric bass, bass wah-wah, acoustic piano, piano, phazing vocals
- Jean-François Leroi / drums and percussions
- Patricia Markusfeld / vocals (1)
- Didier Alexandre / electric bass (6)
- Coco Ameziane / percussion

After six years of silence, Markusfeld comes back in 1977 for a third album with "Le désert noir", in full prog's fall. Probably due to the time influence, the sound is far squarer than on its debut albums. On another hand, the production is excellent and so the sound's very good. The music features excellent guitar as usual, with much wha wha. There's always a very slight eastern flavour in Markusfeld's acoustic guitar, like in the beautiful opener "Le désert noir", an invitation to travel, which also features beautiful female background vocals. "Atlantis rock" is a catchy tune, with a repetitive melodic pattern repeated endlessly. "Bulgaro-feld" and "Hot love" progress more with a funky jazzrock feel at times. To sum up, this album is unequal, with more or less inspired moments, sometimes too repetitive, but always exhibits a high level of technical mastery.



  2. Thank you very much for the first three Alain Markusfeld LPs. Excellent mix of psych and prog!