Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangerine Dream - 1981 - Quichotte

Tangerine Dream 

01. Quichotte Part I (22:38)
02. Quichotte Part II (23:33)

- Chris Franke / synthetizers, electronic percussion
- Edgar Froese / synthetizers, electronic guitar
- Johannes Schmoelling / synthetizers, piano

Releases information
LP AMIGA 8 55 819 (German Democratic Republic [GDR])
Recording January 31st 1980 during "DT-64 Jugendkonzert" at the now defunkt Palast Der Republic.
Re-released in 1986 with the title: "Pergamon" by Tangerine Dream Production/ Caroline Records Inc./ Virgin

Unjustly overlooked Tangerine Dream live recording that captures them almost at their peak.Johannes Schmoelling had just joined Froese and Franke and here gives their music a real shot in the arm.Within electronic music this trio has never been bettered IMO.
Stylistically this is similar to their other release in the same year Tangram.The first part opens with an extended electric piano section that is like Tangram Part One.Here they develop it a bit more.The second part is more electronic driven but also features some nifty guitar work that takes it all up another level.Great stuff and ideal for the headphones.Safe 4 star album that as far as live Tangerine albums go is only slightly behind Ricochet and Poland but on a par with the excellent Logos and Encore.One to add to your collection without doubt.




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