Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tangerine Dream - 1978 - Cyclone

Tangerine Dream 

01. Bent Cold Sidewalk (13:00)
02. Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender (4:55)
03. Madrigal Meridian (20:32)

Total Time: 37:50
One of the most controversial TD albums, because of the use of vocals. TD intended to be provocative, but did not expect such drastic reactions from their fans.

- Edgar Froese / Oberheim eight voice polyphonics synth, Twin keyboard Mellotron Mark V, Arp digital soloist synth, Moog modular synth & projekt electronic time control system, Gibson Les Paul custom guitars, Korg PS 3100 polyphonic synth, Roland GS 500 guitar & GR 500 controller, Solina string ensemble, ovation acoustic guitar
- Christoph Franke / Moog modular synth, projekt electronic sequencer, computer studio digital sequencer, Loop, Mellotron, Mellotron M 400, Arp soloist synth, Elka string synth, electronic percussion, Oberheim sequencer, Oberheim eight voice polyphonic synth, OBY One
- Steve Jolliffe / vocals, bass flute, C-flute, piccolo, COR Angelas, bass clarinet, Hohner clarinet, Elka string synth, Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Roland System-100 synth, Tenor & Soprano horns, lyricon by computone
- Klaus Krieger / Polyester custom built drums with multi trigger unit, electronic percussion, Paiste cymbals, Bubims, Burma Gong set

This was the album of the 70's that divided fans of Tangerine Dream. A change in the line-up of the band, with Peter Baumann being replaced by Steve Jolliffe certainly changed the tone for this album. What he brought to the band was vocals!! I hear the Tangerine Dream purists shreak with horror. How could this brilliant electronic band bring in vocals! I personally love it, my favourite TD album ever.
The album starts with Bent Cold Sidewalk. Vocals, synthezisers, clarinet and flute are all in there. Starting with Jolliffe's vocals and some underlying synth I find it very accomplished. Then comes in the clarinet/flute section, ending with more vocals.

Next comes Rising Runner... a shorter track also with vocals that are maybe not as good as Bent Cold Sidewalk but the synth is still as good as ever.

The final track is Madrigal Meridian. This is entirely instrumental and one of the best tracks they have ever made. The beat is faster than many of the earlier TD albums. There are many subtle changes in sound that means it does not become repetitive (a problem many tracks that are 20 minutes long suffer from).

Overall an excellent album. You should give it a try. Even if you are not keen on the vocals, the music itself is up to the same brilliant standard that TD had set themselves with their previous albums.



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