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SBB - 2009 - Live In Opole 1974

Live In Opole 1974
Rock Przez CaLy Rok

01. (zapowiedz) (02:07)
02. Wizje SBB (32:15)
03. (walka o bis) (05:47)
04. Figo-Fago (11:57)
05. (trudne pozegnanie) (06:05)

Bonus track:
06. Zostalo we mnie (06:26)

- Józef Skrzek / vocal, bass, piano, synth, mouth organ
- Apostolis Antymos / guitar
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Tracks 1-5 recorded live in Opole on 'Rock przez caly rok - jazz' festival on 29.06.1974 (Saturday night).
Track 6 recorded live in Opole on 'Premiery' festival on 29.06.1974 (Friday evening).
Tracks 1, 3 and 5 are the announcements by the masters of ceremonies (Andrzej Smigielski & Jan Tadeusz Stanislawski).

A live performance of seventies decade of this Gigant Polish band. This concert it's a jam sessions with lots of improvisations in guitar and keiboards. We can listen some good moments of SBB context but de sound is nothing special and the the presenter becomes boring for his long dialogs with the public. This performance it's not only Space Rock but have some Blues and a hard rock in Deep Purple vein with some fast scale guitars and distortion moments. In global this is a good album but not the best performance of the band. We are accustomed to a space rock with moments of great duets between guitar and keyboards but in this album this is more rare but with great performances of Josef Skrzek and Apostolis Antymos.

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