Saturday, January 17, 2015

SBB - 2009 - Live in Frankfurt 1977

Live in Frankfurt 1977
Follow My Music

101. (Józef) (1:29)
102. Ze słowem biegnę do Ciebie - intro (4:46)
103. Toczy się koło historii (5:49)
104. Funkin` (5:07)
105. Born to Die (10:11)
106. Wizje - finał (2:23)

201. (Józef) (1:12)
202. Freedom with Us (10:07)
203. Wolność z nami - temat (4:10)
204. W kołysce dłoni Twych (Pretty Face) (11:26)
205. Follow My Music (8:33)
206. Bass (3:34)
207. Odejście - finał (2:06)
208. Drums (3:34)
209. Wołanie o brzęk szkła - finał (7:10)
210. Coda (7:49)

- Apostolis Anthimos / guitars
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums
- Józef Skrzek / bass guitar, harmonica, keyboards, piano

Last show of 1977, recorded a few days before they went into the studio to record Follow My Dream.

Absolutely wonderful live appearance. Music is running with no many pauses on lot of ideas which you can often recognise by various albums such a "Nowy horizont", "Pamiec"," Ze slowem biegne do ciebie" but in different colours. There´s also pieces from forthcoming 1978´s czechoslovakian album (Wołanie o brzęk szkła) but in different ways. The band also made here lot of amazing improvisations. Whole live set looks like excellent combination between full ideas and heavy jemmings. So that´s all like one stream with no pauses but with lot of dramatic breaks which present songs from albums on one side and lot of improvisations on other side. Music is absolutely free. Sound is very well. Atmopsphere in the audience is quite quiet but quite opposite in the podium. Sound of Skrzek keyboards is electric and progressive. More colourfull than before. He applied more and more moogs, clavinets... You can also find here nice extended Antymos´s guitar solos. Whole live edition seems to presents best live albums of the "grupa" SBB. So don´t miss that!



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