Saturday, January 17, 2015

SBB - 2009 - Live In Czechoslovakia 1980

Live In Czechoslovakia 1980
Three Quarters

01. Keep it cool (08:56)
02. Friendship (12:33)
03. Crash (drums solo) (02:03)
04. Sleeping partner (11:41)
05. Almost Spain (09:56)
06. Edge (drums-space-battle) (03:15)
07. Amoureux (13:39)
08. Six fountains (13:07)

- Sławomir Piwowar / Fender Rhodes Piano 73 Mark I, Hohner Clavinet D6, Minimoog, Polymoog, guitar
- Apostolis Anthimos / guitar, drums
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Recorded live somewhere in Czechoslovakia, June 1980. The unique performance the band did as a trio without Józef Skrzek who couldn't get to Czechoslovakia for that gig.

Another superb live performance of this super-group from Poland. A live record with some Psichedelic Space rock Parts but with some extraordinary improvisations in Jazz Fusion vein. One part is in Rock and Roll context but we must now that this vein is very popular in East people in this time. Very beautifful and we can listen a high quality music. Superb guitar parts and a superb keiboards that made an extraordinary mature music. We can listen drum's solo and a good work of bass. This is a very important moment for Poland Progressive music, the realease of this concerts with a very good sound and a very good music performances. For those that like progressive of 70 decade (this album was played in 1980) this is a masterpiece and please, listen and enjoyed.

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