Monday, January 26, 2015

Peter Baumann - 1981 - Repeat Repeat

Peter Baumann 
Repeat Repeat

01. Repeat Repeat (3:46)
02. Home Sweet (3:45)
03. Deccadance (3:04)
04. Realtimes (3:36)
05. M.A.N. Series Two (3:37)
06. Brain Damage (2:48)
07. Kinky Dinky (3:45)
08. Daytime Logic (2:52)
09. Playland Pleasure (3:26)
10. What Is Your Use? (3:32)

- Peter Baumann / synthesizer, keyboards, programming, vocals
- John Tropea / guitar (rhythm)
- Carsten Bohn Bandstand / drums, keyboards
- Lindsay Kay Brynan / vocals
- Michael Dawe / drums
- Ritchie Fliegler / guitar

 Peter Baumann flirts with the modern New Wave style on this record: actually, he sounds like many of the New Wave/Synth Pop bands of the early 80's. However, his tracks here are not really catchy and accessible: the compositions are well made and quite structured, but we feel a very typical German coldness, characterized by emotionless lead & backing vocals and straightforward repetitive keyboards & sequencers. This album is thus full of sequencers in the New Wave style of the 80's. There are many discrete sequenced keyboards sounds. There are also some good electric guitar notes. The album title is well chosen: "Repeat Repeat". Do not expect another Tangerine dream's "Ricochet" here! This record is DEFINITELY different from his previous "Romance 76" album. The best track is definitely "Playland Pleasure", being quite more catchy and addictive than the other ones: one even can recognize in it some elements inspired from the Tangerine Dream's "Stratosfear" album!!

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