Monday, January 26, 2015

Leda - 1978 - Welcome To Joyland

Welcome To Joyland

01. Welcome to Joyland 3:56
02. Endless Race 3:46
03. White Clouds 4:48
04. Movin' On 3:04
05. City of Light 4:17
06. Space Ride 3:30
07. Caroussel 4:30
08. Future 3:28
09. Stardust 3:18

Hacoon Mail (Peter Baumann)
performer, writer
Cyril Claud
performer, writer

This record was written for Leda, by Peter Baumann under the alias 'Hacoon Mail'. The style is very similar to the albums recorded by Giorgio Moroder-Donna Summer at the time, or the underrated "Disco Machine" by Electronic System. The problem is that Leda is a very weak singer, actually she sings like me in the shower:) or something, and the last track sounds like a corny Eurovision entry.

Fortunately she is quiet during half of the record or more and Baumann steals the show, hinting to the technopop music made by himself in the 80s. The music is amazing, like futuristic-techno-cosmic-disco, it could have been a massive hit on the dancefloors (with a better singer), but its destiny was to become an obscure gem, which nowadays unfortunately and undeservedly is out of print.



  2. Fortunately she is quiet during half of the record LOL i agree with you drago but peter's music is great.tony