Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kin Ping Meh - 1974 - Virtues And Sins

Kin Ping Meh
Virtues And Sins

01. Good Time Gracie (3:31)
02. Your're A Liar (7:25)
03. Night-Time Glider (5:41)
04. When Summer's Gone (5:39)
05. Whisky Flyer (5:46)
06. Rich Kid Blues (6:55)
07. Living Your Lies (5:41)
08. Virtue And Sins (4:27)

- Geff Harrison / vocals
- Alan Joe Wroe / bass
- Uli Gross / electric guitars
- Gerhard Mrozeck / guitar
- Chris Klober / keyboards
- Kalle Weber / drums, percussion

‘Virtues And Sins’ is a further slide towards a more standard Anglo-American influenced rock. Even though this album is less phenomenal than the previous Kin Ping Meh 3, “Virtues & Sins” still represents good hard rock music of the time.

The melody line at “Good Time Gracie” is a good one to enjoy. “You’re a Liar” represents a simple composition with good riffs and arrangement. The following “Night-Time Glider” has powerful structure and excellent nuance. The album title track combines good melody and music harmony.

As a natural follow-up to their previous album, if you liked “3?, you’ll probably like this one too.

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