Saturday, January 24, 2015

Edgar Froese - 1982 - Kamikaze 1989

Edgar Froese
Kamikaze 1989

01. Videophonic (4:17)
02. Vitamin C (2:17)
03. Krismopompas (3:19)
04. Police Disco (4:55)
05. Intuition (2:05)
06. Police Therapy Center (2:35)
07. Blue Panther (3:08)
08. Snake Bath (4:50)
09. Unexpected Death (2:56)
10. Flying Kamikaze (4:00)
11. Tower Block (3:30)
12. The 31st Floor (2:15)

- Edgar Froese / keyboards, vocals, synthesizer, guitar
- Klaus Kruger / drums

This is another movie soundtrack from the Tangerine Dream's leader. It sounds a bit like his solo album "Pinnacles". One can recognize some patterns from the Tangerine Dream's albums "Hyperborea" and "Flashpoint" too. There is a 95% reprise of the "Convention of the 24" beat ("White Eagle" album). There are couples of tracks that sound like the stuff on his "Stuntman" album. The tracks influences are really varied, but you have to know the Tangerine Dream of the 80's to notice it. The sound is dynamic, the tracks are really catchy. This is a very good album: it is among his best ones! The best track is the last one: an apocalyptic arrangement of floating keyboards streams, threatening, beautiful, controlling, imposing: just play it loud! Unfortunately, the sound fades too fast at the end, just after the NASA-like voice.



  2. Klaus Kruger does not appear on this album.