Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade - 1971 - On The Rocks

Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade
On The Rocks

01. Paranoid 2:40
02. I Hear You Knocking 2:54
03. Come Back Here 3:48
04. On the Rocks 3:28
05. Hey You 3:57
06. Stealer 2:45
07. Run for Life 5:48
08. Do You Think It's Right 2:08
09. Love Song 3:17
10. Don't Tell Me 3:36

Thomas Leidenberger (guitar, vocals)
Lucian Büler (keyboards)
Andreas Büler (bass)
Lucky Schmidt (drums)

Psych exploitation, done German style.
OK, you guys all know the story, these were in fact krautrockers Wind hiding behind a fake "puppet" name, with Achim Reichel cohort Jochen Petersen in the producer's seat.

Nice (if totally disposable) version of Sabbath's Paranoid - the guitar solo is even more fuzzed out than Tony Iommi's original - a feat !
Otherwise, as is often the case with that kind of cheap exploito record, the production is a bit flat and flimsy, and some songs really do sound as if they were composed and recorded within 10 minutes - which was probably the case.
Anyway, there is a standout track here, so you will be feel bad and full of regrets when you eventually decide to sell your copy : Bokaj Retsiem had "I'm so afraid" - Corporal Gander have "On the Rocks", a funky instrumental featuring organ and flute, and worthy of the best early 70's library music records.

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