Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Changes - 1979 - Home Again

Home Again

01. Home Again 7:04
02. Trees 5:48
03. Little Waltz 7:56
04. Samba Du Commerce 5:59
05. Some Days Of My Life 7:45
06. Blues For Ed 6:58

Bass– Peter Bockius
Drums– Peter Weiss
Piano– Ed Kröger
Saxophone– Wolfgang Engstfeld
Trumpet, Flugelhorn– Uli Beckerhoff

A very similar sound to the Riot album I featured here a while back (Beckerhoff is in both bands), with the same laid-back ecm-like sound recalling Manfred Schoof in the late seventies phase-- boy do I love this german jazz, I don't think I could ever get enough of it. All my previous remarks apply here concerning what I think is the superiority of european jazz to the original american style, particularly in the field of jazz-rock, where compositions tend to be stronger and more varied. And as I said, I grew up with American jazz, in a former life I played jazz piano. I know these are fightin' words, I guess I should qualify by saying I prefer the european style.

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